First Few Days in India

Jai mashi ki Friends!

(Praise the Lord Friends)

Hello! I am so excited to share what the Lord has been doing in the short time we have been in India. We had a long travel day when we left on Thursday but arrived safely into New Delhi at about 3am. We traveled from the airport to our wonderful hotel in the city of Delhi. We got in a short rest and then woke up to explore Delhi. We had so much fun picking out kurta’s (tunics) in a local market and then got an American lunch consisting of Dominoe’s pizza and Subway J. We then set out to visit two temples – the first called, The Lotus Temple of the Ba’hai faith. It is a beautiful structure but inside it feels very vacant, dark, and isolated. The second temple we visited was a Hindu temple. I have never experienced such a chaotic and dark place of worship. As I was being pushed and shoved from every angle my mind could not even comprehend what my eyes were seeing. I saw so many lost people giving food and money to gods that do not even exist. Their dedication and desire to please these gods made my heart ache. Imagine if they loved Christ with that passion. The images I saw, the smells I experienced, and the darkness that surrounded me will always be with me. While it was a difficult experience, I praise the Lord that He allowed me to experience that. It broke my heart for the people of India but even more for the lost. On our way out of the temple we got to love on the untouchable – those who are the lowest of the low in society. We got to look into their eyes, touch them, and show them the love of Christ. We had a wonderful time of devotion and team time that night as we debriefed all that we experienced.

The next morning we had an early start! We left from Delhi and took an in country flight to J. Once we arrived in J our brother E was there to pick us up! We then set off to worship at a fellow believer’s house in J. Once we arrived, we were greeted with open arms and CHAI!! America has missed the mark on the Chai market! The hospitality that we received was so incredible and made us all feel so blessed to be in their home. After chai and lunch we were ushered into a small room to worship with fellow believers. They sang with joyful voices and sincere hearts. E told us before we arrived that many of the believers that we would be worshipping were new to faith. It was such an encouragement to see the room packed with so many brothers and sisters in Christ. Liz and Jenna then gave a short lesson on Mary and Martha, the 7 commands of a believer, and the story of the women at the well. As I sat and listened I was encouraged to see how earnestly those around me were listening and soaking in the truth of God’s word. After the lesson we had the opportunity to pray for many of the people. We prayed and laid hands on a demon possessed woman, a blind woman, those who were ill, for their family members, and many other requests. How amazing is it that we get to gather halfway across the world to worship the Lord together, hear from His word, and lay hands on our brothers and sisters in Christ! God is so good! We left feeling encouraged and excited to go stay in C with E and his family.

We arrived late that night to a wonderful greeting from S (E’s wife), his daughters, and two sweet semi-orphan girls that are living with them. We broke bread together and just enjoyed their company. We awoke the next morning to a beautiful scene of God’s creation. All around us are the foothills and snowcapped mountains of the Himalayans. It truly is breathtaking. We spent time in God’s word talking about what it truly looks like to rest in the Lord, spent time in prayer, and then went over our teaching for the days to come. For the rest of the day we got to explore, spend time with E’s daughters, and just rest in the Lord. We also got the opportunity to hear from a brother in Christ, P, and hear his testimony and how the Lord is continuing to give him opportunities to share the gospel. Later that night we took a drive to another believer’s house where we received such warm hospitality, enjoyed chai, and sat and listened to how she came to know the Lord. It was a sweet time and such an encouragement to hear how she is living boldly for Christ!

We are so excited to teach, encourage, and disciple the women of India on the faithfulness of Christ. We are praying that the Lord would boldly use our lessons to encourage these women and make them bold in their faith as well. Thank you for your prayers and support and we ask that you would continue to pray for boldness for our team as we teach these beautiful women. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel with unbelievers and to be a light in a dark country.

Isaiah 46:9 “For I am God, and there is no other; I am God and there is none like me.”

Thank you for your prayers, we have just completed our first training and we are now traveling to our second training spot! We are excited and eagerly anticipating Christ to do a mighty work!

  • Hillary

3 thoughts on “First Few Days in India

  1. Wow what a beautiful picture of Christ we are receiving by reading this. We will continue to pray for your boldness in teaching and for safety. God is doing a mighty work within you ladies. Cheers to Chai tea!! Yum

  2. Thank you Hill for such an awesome update filled with encouragement about God’s work & yet sobering reminders of how many do not know Jesus.
    Jess & Iove you guys & are so proud of you! Continue to press on & do the work!
    Also, please bring me home a tunic – you know I look best in blue!!!

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