Seed Sowing


Thank you for praying for us. In yesterday’s post, Marylou asked you to pray for us as we’d planned to spend today prayer-walking, asking God to let us meet persons of peace with whom we could share the gospel. The Lord gave us great conversations!

Today was so refreshing. D & A trained us on a method of gospel-sharing and how to begin discipling those that respond in faith. They use this same training here with national believers. After spending a couple hours being trained and practicing what we’d learned together, we went out in twos – like Luke 10 – Brother E & Matt,  D & A, and Marylou & I.

Marylou and I were specifically praying for opportunities to find English speakers since our Hindi is “tora, tora” (small, small)! As the taxi driver drove us to a local university, we prayed for God to specifically help us to find persons of peace whom He’d been preparing to hear the good news.

As we arrived on campus, we prayer-walked for only a few minutes before we met C, a 22 year old girl who attends the university. As we began to get to know her a young guy and girl came up to us. Marylou and I broke off – she to speak with the guy & girl as I stayed to continue talking with C. In all we probably spent about 40 minutes with each of them sharing the story of Zacchaeus, the gospel, and then our story of how we met Christ and how He has changed our lives. Boy, C was prepared to hear the Truth! She was so receptive and locked-in to everything she heard, continually wanting to know more. She said that even when we came up, she recognized that there was something different about us– that she could tell we had peace and joy.

At the end of our conversation, I asked C how I could pray for her. After I prayed, she looked at me, with a giant smile and tears welling in her eyes and said, “I’m so overwhelmed with this message you’ve shared.” She hugged me for a long time thanking me. This was the first time she had ever heard the gospel. 22 years without knowing any truth about our Living God. She said that this was like nothing she’d ever heard. She said when her parents and others make offerings and prayers to other gods “nothing may be happening.” It is a gift that God has shown her the uselessness of praying to idols. Please pray that God would soon grant her the gift of faith to believe and trust fully in Christ and surrender to His Lordship!

I encouraged her to connect with D & A, letting her know that they could share more and answer any questions that she has since we leave tomorrow. Please ask that the seed of the gospel would land in soft soil, sprout into faith, and produce fruit! This is only a work that God can do.

In all, Marylou and I were able to share with 10 people. With each, we encouraged them to connect with D & A to learn more about Jesus. We were blown away with how many expressed great curiosity and awe over the power of Jesus – a God who forgives sin and offers new life. None of them had ever heard the gospel.

After spending a couple hours sharing, we met with the rest of team to debrief. In total, we were able to share with about 25+ people, 7 of which expressed interest to know more! Please pray for D & A as they follow up with these folks. And, again, please pray for the seed to take root and grow!

We are so thankful for the faithfulness of you, our prayer partners, to pray with us for God to bring people to Himself.


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