Returning to South Asia

Dear Church,

It was only a short 5 months ago that I (Marylou) was embarking upon my first journey to South Asia with our small team in January…

Before that trip, I was already considering the possibility of returning this summer. I knew I wanted to do something a little more long term and take advantage of my last summer as an undergraduate student. I talked with Liz, and she encouraged me to consider going somewhere with one of our partners. I began discussing the possibility with D and A, one of our partners in South Asia. After a bit of hesitation on my part and basically an immediate yes on theirs, we began finalizing the details in March.

The trip in January proved to be incredibly challenging for me, both spiritually and emotionally. Most of those who have visited the specific part of South Asia we go to have shared with many of you what a spiritually dark and lost place it is. I think that’s a huge reason why I was hesitant to go back… However, I’m very grateful that the Lord has filled my heart with peace and excitement for this summer! I will there from June 21-August 3.

This time, I’ll be joining D and A to partner with them in their vision to see disciples made and churches planted in their local and surrounding communities. I will be living in D and A’s apartment and submitting to their leadership.

Practically, serving with them will look like lots of broad seed sowing and evangelism, along with some intentional discipleship training. I will actually be leading a discipleship training for a group of women over the course of a few weeks! Unlike when I was there in January, I’ll personally have the opportunity to follow up with those I share the Gospel with and potentially begin discipling new believers.

A really exciting and unexpected part of this trip is that one of my good friends, who I met while serving in Cambodia for three months, will be joining me! Her name is Lacey, and I’m incredibly thankful that God has given me a partner for this trip. This will open many more doors of opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible had I been doing this alone. Specifically, I’m hopeful I’ll be able to return to a university I went to in January, where many of the students speak English and are excited to practice by speaking with foreigners. It was in this environment that I was able to have many rich Gospel conversations. Some knew very little about Jesus, some knew nothing of Him at all! It’s when I think about these opportunities that I swell with urgency and want to proclaim like Paul, “ Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!”

As I near the end of my college career, these opportunities to go overseas serve as preparation, training and confirmation for what it is I feel the Lord is leading me to next. I truly believe this time with D and A, two of the most faithful disciples I have ever met, will both challenge and grow me in invaluable ways. Of course, I hope to be of service and encouragement to them, as well.

If you would, please begin to pray with me for this trip! Please pray…

  • For all of the logistics. I’m helping coordinate everything with Lacey, and this is a bit difficult because she doesn’t live here. Also, this will be my first time traveling such a long distance on my own!
  • For unity among me, Lacey, D, and A.
  • That we would be a blessing and encouragement to D & A, fully submitting to their vision and direction.
  • For many opportunities to share the Gospel with those who have never heard about Jesus.
  • For the Lord’s guidance and discernment in making plans for July 8-14th. D and A will be out of town, so Lacey and I will need to make plans for that period of time.
  • For the strengthening and discipleship of local churches.
  • For spiritual and practical preparation beforehand, that Lacey and I would be able to pick up a bit of the language and have an adequate understanding of the culture.
  • For quick adjustment to the food, culture, and environment. It’s currently about 110 degrees there…

I will be posting on here regularly throughout my time in South Asia. However, if you would like to be added to my Facebook page (where I will try to post more frequently) please reach out and let me know and I will add you to it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and for your partnership in getting the Gospel where is isn’t. I’m incredibly thankful for you, and for our wonderful Savior. To Him be all the glory, honor and praise!

In Christ Alone,


3 thoughts on “Returning to South Asia

  1. So blessed to have you in my life, Marylou. I will be praying faithfully for you, your team, and all those whom you encounter along the way!

  2. Safety and joy as you mini$+Er.

    Keep us updated ‼️🙃❤️❤️❤️

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