Hello from Atibaia!

Hello from Brazil!  Our little band of three left Charleston Friday afternoon, and after many flight delays finally landed in Brazil mid-morning Saturday. We were exhausted, but so grateful to be here. God’s provision for our travel was nothing short of incredible. Catching connecting flights just in the nick of time, upgraded at one point due to delays, crazy weather, but trusting in Him at all times. Funny thing, all of us traveling from outside Brazil made it in pretty much on tint but those flying in from within were several hours late after their flight was redirected to another city. But we all made it!

Today was day one working with the children, 25 from ages 8 months to 16. Three classes all teaching the same scripture but adapted to their appropriate age groups. What a fun time we had! The teens demonstrated an amazingly deep knowledge of scripture, with very probing questions. What amazed us most was how they answered each other, debating and thinking critically and biblically through the questions. Amazing group of teens!

The elementary group should a very strong understanding of scripture, and how today’s stories (Noah’s Ark and David and Goliath) both pointed to Jesus as our savior.

Tonight is movie night. After dinner the adults are having a fun evening of games and fellowship, while we all watch a movie with popcorn. I think our selection is going to be Cars 3.  I think we will all be ready for sleep by 9:00!

Though we have only been here a short while, God has made Himself known. He has shown up in the beauty of our lush tropical setting, cool weather, warm smiles of the children, hugs and camaraderie of the adults as they greeted each other for the first time in awhile, but most especially to me in the soft assurances that He has this. We are all in His control and in His hands!

God is great! God bless! Jo

One thought on “Hello from Atibaia!

  1. Jo, I’m headed to east Asia this week to do the same thing. Inspired by you guys last time you went to Brazil.

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