Only One Chance

Two nights ago, Lacey and I went out to a cafe to meet up with a girl we recently met at church. On our way back home, we sparked up conversation with our cab driver, Harry.*  Naturally, most of our gospel conversations begin with asking about the other person’s religion. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a normal topic to bring up here.

After finding out that Harry was Sikh, Lacey shared that we were followers of Jesus. I asked if he had ever heard about Jesus.

“Yes, yes,” Harry said. “All is good. Guru Granth is good, Bible is good, Quran is good. All good.” He continued to explain that he was a good person, but the language barrier started to reveal itself.

“I’ve… I’ve… I’ve never…” He couldn’t figure out what he wanted to say in English so Lacey offered him some help: “You’ve never killed anybody?” We all laughed as he responded “No, no, no.” The ice was broken, and we understood what he was trying to say: he considered himself to be a good person, and as far as he was concerned, we were too.

There was a small moment of silence and finally I said, “Actually Ji (which is sort of like saying ‘sir’), the Bible tells us that no one is good, not even one of us, except for Jesus. God is holy and perfect and all of us have disobeyed him – all of us fall short of His perfect standard. And even though we try to fix our relationship with Him through doing good deeds or giving to the poor, it’s never enough. But God sent His Son, Jesus, to live the perfect life that we couldn’t live and to die the death that we deserved to die so that we might able to have a relationship with God.”

Because of normal distractions while driving, the conversation was slightly interrupted. Before I could continue, Harry said, “When I am reincarnated, I want to be born in the US.” It was clearly a comment to redirect the conversation, but fortunately, it was the perfect comment to finish what I wanted to share with this man.

“Ji, we don’t get another chance. There is only this life. One life.”

“No other chance?” he asked.

“No other chance. When we die, it is heaven or hell. And then we don’t get to change our mind.”

He responded with a slight sense of shock in his voice, “Oh my gosh.”

Again, there was a little bit of silence.

“Do you want to turn from your sin and believe in Jesus, to trust in what He did for you? Do you want to learn more about who Jesus is?”

“Yes, yes. I do!”

I called D, and told him we were about to be home. I asked if he would come and meet our friend, Harry, because he wanted to know more about Jesus. Upon arriving at our house, Harry got out of the car and exchanged numbers with D. In the days to come, D hopes to meet up with Harry to share with him more about Jesus.

Please be praying for Harry, and that the truth of the Gospel would take root in his heart. Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict him of his sin and of his need for Jesus.

*Name change for security reasons.

In Him,


5 thoughts on “Only One Chance

  1. Thank you so much for your in-depth updates. I’ll be praying for Harry and for Jenny as well as your other prayer requests. Hope you are feeling much better by now.

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