Glimpses of Grace

Today was another amazing experience in the advancement of God’s kingdom! Our day started by visiting an amazing mission family, we also made several visits throughout our day to encourage some very new believers, and wrapped up by attending a local church service where Jennifer and Katie both did a phenomenal job sharing the Word of God.

Our first stop of the day was at the Lubecks’ home. They are a husband and wife team who have been in Guatemala for over 40 years. They are currently translating the Bible into the Chorti language and are also actively involved in children’s ministries for the Chorti people. They shared with us that after many years of seeing few results, they are starting to see the hearts of the people changed and their work paying off. They were an incredible example of steadfastness and an encouragement to us. Let’s pray that God continues to use them to spread His Word.

Then we visited Ms. Aurelia in Chanco. She isn’t quite a believer, but we’re working on her! Her heart has softened since David and Miguel began visiting her. We pray that God continues to work in her heart and draw her to Himself.

From there we had an incredible experience visiting two young men in a mountain home we had to hike up to. Peter and David are both believers who have a gift for playing music. We sat and they played us Christian songs on the guitar while singing several duets. It was a breathtaking experience to see the light of God in their musicianship in such a remote and beautiful location. They asked us to pray for wisdom and health as they seek the Lord’s will in their lives.

img_0267After that, we visited Cornelio and Cindy, a young couple with a 6-year-old boy. Cindy has been a believer for a long time, but until very recently Cornelio did not share her faith and was hostile toward it. But God in his infinite love softened his heart and called him to faith. They need prayers for wisdom and direction as Cornelio learns to put off his old self and live as God would lead him.

Finally we attended a church service in Chiquimula led by Pastor Fito. Katie shared from Isaiah 55 and Jennifer shared from Psalms 119. I’m very thankful to be serving alongside such women of God, and I know they meant a lot to the locals at the church as well. While we were there, a baby was dedicated to the Lord. It was a blessing to be there for that, and it made an already incredible night that much more wonderful.

We thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming! God is doing big things here, as he is all over his creation. We praise him for allowing us to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission.



3 thoughts on “Glimpses of Grace

  1. David, Jennifer and Katie – we are praying for you and for the people you are visiting and leading. Thank you for your words and pictures.

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