Safe in Antigua

Although we were all sad to leave Chiquimula this morning, we were even more excited to be reunited with Regina and their two sons. God blessed us with an unusually short and uneventful trip (according to David White, at least!) into Antigua. The drive was a nice time for us to reflect on the last three days, to laugh and enjoy one another’s company, and to see more of the Guatemalan countryside.

We arrived in Antigua just in time to meet Regina, Cruz, and Ben for a quick lunch before going back to the hotel for some downtime. Our trip has been so full of visits, hikes, and new sights that we all needed a little rest to process all we’ve seen God doing.

David and Regina hosted us for a great evening of pizza, homemade brownies, and playtime with Ben and Cruz. The boys took a shine to David M. right away! The three had quite a few light-saber fights in David and Regina’s yard. Regina, Jennifer, and I were able to chat after dinner for a few hours about the Whites’ time in Guatemala and where they see God leading them this year.

We ended our night with a look at Isaiah 51:1-16. We talked about how God uses the testimonies of those who came before us to encourage us and how we can use our testimonies to encourage those around us. We also talked about the certainty of God’s will being accomplished and the comfort that bring us.

We’re all looking forward to spending more time with the Whites tomorrow and seeing Antigua. Our time in Guatemala has been eye-opening, encouraging, and fruitful and we’re thankful for everyone who has prayed for us back home.


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