Who hopes in what he sees

Over the past few weeks the Lord has revealed what a biblical mindset for worship is as he has shown me that worship is not about preference but about honoring the glory of God. Our partner E spoke the first morning in Delhi  that we worship the Lord because he is beautiful and this has really helped focus me today as we traveled from Delhi to a city in the mountains of West Bengal. Today was a change of pace from yesterday, a time to travel and more restful to me. While I was very weak yesterday and not feeling myself due to jet lag, God gave me strength to share the gospel with people we’ve met so far. God reminded me today of why I am here; not to prove myself or to impress others but because he is worthy despite how I feel. I was able to share the gospel with a man named Raji on the plane and for him the evil of suffering made it hard for him to believe and trust God. He said he trusted what he could touch and feel. Writing tonight, I see how much that Raji and I are alike. My tendency is to worship God when God makes me feel good. I admit God is showing me that I should worship him always. I shared that Jesus is the one way to God and the one that created all that he touches. Pray that he will read the Gospel of Mark as I challenged him to do so. Pray that God will reveal  himself to him. Thomas did not believe when the disciples shared, and how often do we trade the one true God to worship something else? Thanks be to God that he would allow Thomas to touch his scars. God meets us as we need so let us repent and believe let us go and share of the worthiness of God. Pray for us as we begin teaching our brothers and sisters that God will empower us.

– Logan

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