Training #1

Yesterday, we arrived in our first Training Center city. Now among believers, we experienced a huge contrast to the dark idol worship we witnessed in Delhi. We had the pleasure of meeting Brother A who is an evangelist. He traveled with us during our time in this city in which we were able to hear much of his story and his passion for the gospel. He had our team over to his house for dinner and for his family’s daily time of fellowship and worship. We sung a few worship songs with them, shared some scripture, and prayed together. It was so inspiring to hear that they have this time of family worship every day. Brother A said, “We work all day. We can take an hour at night to worship God.” The way they prioritize worship was convicting as I think of how often back home we put other things above our time with God. To see this family’s devotion to worshiping God together was also encouraging as they did so in such a joyful and bold manner. To put it in the modern American lingo (although an understatement), it was goals. 

The next morning (Day 5), we took a short taxi ride through the mountainside’s hairpin turns to reach the church/Training center #1. Since it’s Sunday, we were able to attend their church worship service before the training. The worship was incredible, yet humble. Two young men played guitars while Brother A played a drum set. The many voices of the people joined together as they sung with such unrestrained joy. Though we couldn’t understand the language, we didn’t need a translator to understand that these were praises they were lifting up to God from the bottom of their hearts. They were clapping and dancing with such energy that I’ve never seen at a worship service before. One man even pulled Joey and Logan over and had them join in their dancing for the Lord! It was obvious that the excitement they have in praising God was not just a show, but was a true display of the joy they have in the Lord. I even dare say that you have not seen such joyful, genuine, unashamed, and heartfelt worship until you have experienced that of the Indian believers! 

After worship and a warm welcome, they turned the service over to us. Sam introduced the first training and then each of us shared a portion of our prepared material. When Logan was speaking on the last section about sharing the gospel, I was reminded of the powerful message we have been given to spread under God’s authority. I think I can speak for the whole team in saying that it is invigorating to be here with the opportunity to challenge and encourage these fellow believers to be disciples who abide in Christ, make other disciples, and share the gospel. Overall, this first training was great and I thank God for giving all of us the boldness to speak this message in front of this church’s congregation! 

After the training, there was a short graduation ceremony for those who completed the discipleship training course, and a delicious lunch. We then went into the city with Brother A and Brother E for some sight-seeing and souvenir shopping before heading back to the hotel. Tomorrow we will be traveling to the next city where we will speak at Training #2 on day 7! 

As we continue on our trip, please pray for: 

⁃Sister A (a believer I met on a plane), that she and her family would continue to grow in their faith and be bold to share the gospel among her people. 

⁃Brother A to continue being bold with the gospel, and that the people at his church would put into practice the training they have received. 

⁃Rest and endurance as we will be traveling and teaching at trainings all in one day for the majority of the rest of our time here. 

⁃God to continue working in and through us as we share with nonbelievers and encourage believers. 

Jai Masi! 


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