Graduation #2

Today was a very busy day, but filled with joy, and adventure! We started our day early by driving for two hours to the location of our second graduation ceremony in Virat. Sam led our time in the word on our way sharing from Hebrews chapter 6. We talked about apostasy and how we must be checking our hearts periodically against self-deception. Brother T our driver then sang us a song he had composed himself, and one part hit me which said, “though we are poor in this desert, we are rich in God’s grace.” It was just another wonderful reminder of the Gospel, that those who are poor in spirit shall inherit the kingdom of God!

We arrived at the church where we were welcomed with such warmness from the believers and joined in their worship before we began our teaching and then the graduation to follow. This worship was very different from that of the 1st graduation, but one thing was the same: their joy and passion as they worshiped the Lord! Here they worshiped with bongo drums and lots of clapping, filling the small room with a joyful noise! As we were teaching, I was reminded that the task of discipleship and evangelism is not just for these people, but I need it just as much as they do. Please pray that we would not become deaf to the words we are teaching, but that God would continue to stir in our hearts a longing for his word, to make disciples, and to share the gospel. I have been so encouraged to hear how many of the believers who have gone through this discipleship training are actually being obedient to the word of God and are making disciples! They have very little materials and resources, but they do have the word of God and the Holy Spirit, and still they are more faithful to obey God’s word than many of us in the church at home. This is convicting for me. I want to be more obedient to God’s commands rather then caring so much about how much I know.

When our training was finished, we moved straight into the graduation ceremony where we celebrated with those who completed their 1 year discipleship training program. Brother E spoke to them saying that this was not the end and their certificates mean nothing if they are not continuing the work of making disciples who multiply.


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