Summer Guatemala Team

Hi Church! 

Sunday, June 9th we will be sending out a team from our church to go serve in Guatemala alongside our partners David and Regina. They will have the opportunity to spend time with and encourage the Whites, serve some struggling churches, and seek chances to share the gospel along the way. They will be gone from June 9-15th. 

Here’s a picture of the team! 

Top Left: Marian, Allie, Dossie, Jennifer / Bottom Left: Jordan, Maggie, Benjie, Henry

It is such a joy to see the age range of those going on this trip. What a great reminder that no one is too young or too old to serve God overseas with the desire to see the Great Commission fulfilled! 

As we are sending this team out, remember that though not all of us in the church are going on this trip, we still have a part to play. While they are serving, it is our joyful responsibility to support them through prayer. Let us be faithful to keep this team in our prayers!

Here are some things we can be praying for as the team prepares to leave: 

  • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel with the people of Guatemala. Ask God to lead them to persons of peace whose hearts the Spirit has prepared to hear the message they are bringing. 
  • Pray for the team members to have peace, as many of them will be experiencing their first trip overseas. Pray that they would trust in God and grow closer to Him.
  • Pray for unity among the team members. Pray that they would have great times of fellowship and serve with the same mindset: that the nations come to know God. 
  • Pray that the team members’ hearts would be prepared spiritually for this trip. Ask God to remove any distractions as they are prepare to go.
  • Pray that the Whites would be encouraged by this team’s presence and be filled with joy from their fellowship. 

Like previous times, the team will be posting blog updates during their trip, including ways that we can specifically pray. If you have not already, subscribe to this blog and you will receive an email every time the team posts an update!

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