Through the Eyes of Children

What a joy it’s been to have the James kids serving with us this week! Their sweet smiles and willing spirits helped break down many barriers as we visited in homes, and certainly as we shared the gospel with  more than 120 children in the past 3 days. Here’s a little take-away from each of them. I pray that as you read this you’ll  consider how the Lord could use you and your family in a global missions role.



Hey, this is Maggie (14), and this is my first missions trip with the church. I have experienced many new things as I’ve traveled all the way to Guatemala. On the second day we visited a more rural village and went door to door sharing about Jesus, and we invited many of the kids we saw to join us at one of the homes in the afternoon. We shared about Daniel in the lion’s den. I bonded with many of the kids and showed them God’s love. Through all this I witnessed many lost people in the villages, and I feel that our group showed light to the darkness in the village. I enjoyed and loved witnessing my mom, Dossie, share about God through her story. This definitely made an impact on many people in the village. Overall this day was my favorite. I feel that many of the kids were engaged in learning about God. In my time in Guatemala I have learned so much about another culture and I learned more about God, and I am excited and grateful I was given this opportunity to come to Guatemala.

Hey, this is Henry (12), and this is also my first missions trip with the church. There were a lot of fun experiences while I have traveled in Guatemala. I have seen a lot of beauty and I think of God when I see it because it is his creation. The kids on the trip had a lot of energy while learning about God and doing activities with my dad, Benjie. Each day, we played a game where my dad pretended to be God. We would blindfold one of the kids and then they would try to find God, but it was hard so we got another kid to play Jesus, and he would help the blindfolded kid find God. So in all we had a fun trip and grew in God’s word and it was probably the best opportunity I’ve ever had.


Hey, this is Allie (11). This is my first missions trip with the church. We visited many villages and homes. I thought the scenery was very beautiful. It looked like the kids had lots of fun playing with my dad and listening to all the bible stories. I thought it was fun seeing the kids play the game where they would blindfold a kid and the other kids would try to tell the other kid where God was, but then a kid would be Jesus and direct the other kid to God. I thought that was a great way to show the kids there is no way to the father except through Jesus. On the last day of mission work I got to pray for a lady and her family, so I prayed for her home and her needs because her home was not as advanced as ours. It was harder for her to get her food and her water. On Wednesday, I did a devotional about putting the full armor of God on every day. This taught me that we need to always be prepared to read our Bible and go out and share the gospel. I have had a great time here in Guatemala!

(The WiFi is pretty weak in our hotel tonight, so we’ll have to post more photos next time!)

2 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of Children

  1. I have enjoyed reading updates and praying along with your group this week! That game sounds fun… I can picture Benjie running around like Jesus, and I know Dossie did great speaking! Maggie, Henry & Allie I’m so proud of you and so impressed with your update. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 I’m so thankful that y’all are sharing the gospel and touching lives in Guatemala (I know that’s kind of a generic what to say it, but it’s true!) I hope my family can also experience this one day together. I’ll keep praying! Great work!

  2. Really love the “blindfold game”! How wonderful y’all were able to share God’s message in that way to the children! Powerful!

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