Final Thoughts from Guatemala

On Friday, we spent our last day in Antigua with the Whites. What a wonderful city! We enjoyed chocolate museum and coffee plantation tours, beautiful architecture, and even witnessed volcanoes grumbling. This whole week, God’s beautiful creation has been on full display. The countryside with the mountains, rivers, and streams reminded me of Psalm 104. (Take a minute to read it here.) His creation which he spoke into existence now reflects his glory.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to bring my family so they could experience the great commission to take the gospel to the nations. It has been wonderful watching my wife and children interact in the local villages. We have experienced so much in the different villages we visited. One thing is the same, the need for the gospel. The families in Guatemala struggle with the same brokenness and sin as we do –  and what a joy it is to tell the good news of the gospel and how it changes lives! What an experience it is to share Jesus’ love with an entire family for the first time in their lives and see the Spirit at work. That’s what has been on my heart all week. This trip has really grown my family and challenged us to love even more and bring that love back to where we live and work.

Because of his great love for us, we can go and love others. That puts the gospel on display for others to see. And, now that we’re back in the States and settling into our normal routines, that’s what we will endeavor to do each day.

Enjoy these photos from the last few days, and thank you so much for your prayers for this team. They were felt and very appreciated. It was a fantastic week!



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