Guatemala January 2020

Guatemala Team Cover pics

Hi church!

This January, we are sending out a team to serve in Guatemala from the 12th through the 18th. The team consists of Dave Matthews, Jill Ussery, Carmalyn Miller, Eric Meeks, Sally Smith, Luke Bruner, Savannah Hallman and will be led by Liz Bruner. They will serve alongside our global planters David and Regina White and their boys, Cruz and Ben.

Guatemala Whites
The Whites

This team will be serving in familiar areas such as Chanco, Nearar, and villages outside of Chiquimula. We have been partnering with missionaries in these areas for about 8 years now. During that time, many teams have had the opportunity to visit our partners, share the gospel with nonbelievers, and encourage brothers and sisters in Christ. The January team will be encouraging believers within individual’s homes, schools, and churches. As they go along, they will seek to share the gospel with nonbelievers they cross paths with in pursuit of the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

As the team gets ready to go to Guatemala, please keep them in your prayers. Here are a few specific ways you can be praying for them:

  • Pray that God would prepare each team member’s heart. Ask that their time in the word and in prayer would be encouraging and spiritually nurturing as they prep for the work God has in store for them in Guatemala.
  • Pray for finalizing details concerning trip finances and flights.
  • Ask for God to calm the nerves of any of the team members who may be anxious about the trip. Pray that He would give them His peace and increase their dependency and trust in Him.
  • Pray for the people of Guatemala, that God would soften their hearts so they will be ready to hear and receive the gospel.
  • Give praise to God for the obedience of the members of this team and their willingness to serve. Ask that God would raise up others in our church to participate in missions, working together to spread the seed of the gospel to all nations.
  • Pray for safe travels as they head out Sunday morning, January 12th.

We are all called to participate in missions in one way or another. That may not always look like participating on a team, but may be through giving and praying. Giving enables the members of this team to be able to go serve in Guatemala, and praying encourages and supports the team in miraculous ways as God hears each prayer. So thank you for supporting our teams whether it is by giving or through prayer, or both!

Check back for daily updates from the team to read about what they are doing in Guatemala!

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