Our Day in Nearar

What an awesome day our team had!  It was truly a picture perfect day as we drove through the majestic mountain ranges to the town of Nearar to make home visits.  Our team of eight divided into two teams this morning to visit with some of the people Pastor Rafael suggested. 

Our team visited a young man named Luis who was about 18 years old.  He told us his brother had passed away last week and his mother and sister were away from the home.  Two team members gave their personal testimonies. As I began to share the prayer of faith with Luis, suddenly I felt something grab the corner of my skirt. Turning quickly around, I discovered a hog had clamped his teeth on my skirt so I paused my prayer while I grabbed it from his mouth. Thankfully, I was able to resume where I had left off in prayer.  Everything turned out splendidly.  Luis prayed the prayer of faith and accepted the Lord as Savior.  He smiled when I told him that he was now our brother in Christ.  Miguel, our translator, gave him a Spanish Bible to read to help him in his newfound faith.  

Later that afternoon, we worshiped with the church of Nearar, Iglesias Bautista.  It was a sweet time of fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Three of our members gave personal testimonies and we sang praises to our Lord and one member of our group spoke a message about the power of prayer.  Afterwards, the children were given homemade jump ropes which thoroughly delighted them.  

We truly enjoyed our day in Nearar and hope to return for another visit in the future.  The sun was slowly sinking below the mountains casting shadows on the valley below as we made our descent on the winding road back to our motel.  I felt like today was the highlight of our time spent in Nearar. To God be the glory!


Be sure to check back tomorrow for pictures!

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