From Chiquimula to Antigua

Today ended our time in Chiquimula. We drove from Chiquimula to Antigua which was about a five hour drive. Here in Antigua we will be spending the remaining day with the Whites who live here in the city. This trip has been an awesome experience and we’ve seen God do a lot of great things both in the lives of many people in Guatemala, but in the lives of our team as well. We have all noticed God growing each our our confidence. Some of us, me included, came into this trip a bit fearful for various reasons, mine being that I haven’t shared before. But God was faithful and his spirit gave us the words to speak the truth about Him confidently to the people. Also, praise God for the work he has been doing in the hearts of the unbelievers we were able to witness to. Some of them we have no idea how it impacted them but we clearly saw it impact others, who realized their need for God. That was great to see, but I also really enjoyed our time with different believers. We went to give them encouragement and I think we can all agree that their stories really gave us encouragement too. One woman and her husband moved away from their home because a church really needed a pastor. So the woman and her husband felt called to step up, so she and her husband were willing to give up their home and move onto the church where their was a small shed in which they now live and can hardly fit. It is extremely modest even by the Guatemalans’ modest standards. Other people in the village ask them why they would stay in such a small shed like that but they were willing to do anything for God, and that was encouraging to see. And they had so much joy. They know that God is worth it all and that he is the only thing in life that matters, and they are willing to do anything for him. And they put complete trust in God that he would produce fruit in a church and an area that hadn’t been thriving very much spiritually. It really encouraged me seeing the example that they set, an example that makes me examine myself and think about how I can be more like them and put more trust in God so that I will be willing to do anything for him, even when it’s incredibly hard. Thanks for all your prayers and please continue to pray for the Guatemalans, that what they heard about God will sink in and that God will give them a desire to follow him.
-Luke B

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