Go Tell it on the Mountain….Guatemala Day 5


Today was amazing! God truly has placed us in a beautiful area and the smiles of the people in Chanco are unforgettable. Today our work in the village continued as we visited several more homes. We told bible stories and shared our testimonies with anyone who was willing to listen. Although our presence was not on the schedule of the people, they were more than willing to drop everything that they had going on just to meet us and see what it is we had to say. Even the children were attentive! The joy of the people was evident as we shared with them the good news of Jesus. Our village contact, and sweet man of Christ, Miguel, was very helpful and he shared with the families too. He knows everyone, absolutely everyone, in Chanco and the neighboring villages. After visiting homes all morning, we enjoyed our lunch-time “siesta” at Miguel’s house. He even got up extra early to cut some sugar cane for us to enjoy with our lunch. Wow! That was fantastic!

As the afternoon clouds began to roll down the mountains we made our way over to the school to prep for our health clinic. Many children saw this as an opportunity to come meet the gringos! There was a lot of games, songs, and bubble blowing for the kids, which was alot of fun for everyone. On the clinic side of things, we had 6 women who came to learn about cleaning their food properly as well as how to disenfect water properly. We read a couple stories to the kind ladies to help depict senarios in which water was properly cleaned and not cleaned at all. These were very good for them to understand because the importance of using clean water for drinking and washing their food will prevent illness in their families. For a visual impact, we showed them some pretty raw pictures of people with nasty infections caused by unclean water/food. Although the pictures were pretty gross, the ladies were sure to tell us that they did not want to cut corners on how they protect their water! What a great day in Chanco!

After being here this past October, I can tell a huge difference in how the villagers have opened up to us. By the grace of God, we will be having regular church meetings in Chanco very soon! Once we made our way back “home” to Jocotan we noticed several children with guitars waiting outside the hotel. While reflecting back on the day, up on the roof of the hotel, we were able to have the children come up and seranade us with a couple songs (so cool). Also at the same time, we were without electricity, likely due to the rain. We had a couple moments of light, but enjoyed our evening devotion by candle-light! I will never again take air conditioning for granted, boy oh boy is it hot this time of year in Jocotan. Praise the Lord for a nice cold shower!!! Stay tuned for our last day in Chanco…




Being Healthy in Guatemala

Health ClinicDay four brought the entire team back into action. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes and warm honey, we started the trek up to Chanco. Even though it was another scorcher, no one got overheated, including myself 🙂 We began our day by going house to house again. The first house we visited was of our sister in Christ, Elsa. While there, we learned about her son Silven being endangered. The women gathered around Elsa, laid hands on her, and a sweet prayer, in both Spanish and English, was lifted to God as one mothers heart bonded with another’s. Please keep Silven and his mother in your prayers as his safety and current whereabouts are not known.

We continued being blessed with opportunities to share the Gospel and our personal testimonies. As the Spirit moved with us, we continued to grow in boldness. Every member of the team repeatedly stepped up to pray, share their personal testimony, or share the Gospel. One of the most beautiful moments was being able to watch Pablo, one of the interpreters with the team, share the Gospel and his testimony all in Spanish. Even though we couldn’t understand the language, the love of God and the passion of the Spirit were very evident.

The area we worked in today was called Las Pelitas, a small neighborhood adjacent to Chanco. Miguel continues to impress the members of the team with both as a wealth of knowledge about the people of the village, and also with the depth of his compassion for them. Jessica continues sharing her photos and taking new photos as we move from home to home.

After a well-deserved rest at Miguel’s house, we moved to the school for our first clinic on high blood pressure. One thing you quickly learn working here is that the village moves to its own rhythm and has its own sense of time. After a short wait, people began to arrive. Even though the numbers were small, Miguel made a timely observation when he said, “God will send who he sends.” This, in fact became part of the theme for my devotion later in the evening. Everything with the clinic went smoothly. Those with assigned roles did them, but even more impressive were the ladies who played with the group of children who unexpectedly showed up at the school.

We returned to Jocotan for our time of renewal and fellowship. During our music selection, provided faithfully by Nissa and Erin, we were treated to a Spanish-language version of “How Great Thou Art”. This time of fellowship, where we encourage one another, is always such an uplifting way to end the night. It is a powerful end to an already powerful journey. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue our work for just another day or two.

Carlos/Charles Chaz to my son

Beautiful Feet in Guatemala

ImageWhat an amazing God we serve! Day three in Guatemala presented both challenges and rewards. Our goal for today was to do house to house visits with the Chorti in their homes, letting them know about our upcoming health clinics on Tuesday and Wednesday, and also sharing our testimonies and the Gospel message. After a breakfast of eggs and black beans, we loaded our vehicles and made the forty-five minute ascent up the mountain to an elevation of 4,000 feet. We arrived at Miguel’s house, a Chorti believer with a passion for ministry. He helped us identify people who had attended a prior clinic held by one of our medical teams, and who showed interest in learning more about the Gospel. We divided into two teams, and with our translators we went into the homes and shared our stories, but getting to the homes was a challenge we did not anticipate. The terrain was extremely steep and treacherous, and the temperatures reached 107 degrees.  When we decided to break for lunch, we suddenly realized that Charles had become overheated, dehydrated, and was possibly suffering from altitude sickness.  We were able to get him back to Miguel’s house where he spent the afternoon recovering, and though it was not a pleasant experience for Charles, he will tell you that he was able to see how God ministered to him through Tony, our driver, who was able to calm Charles in Spanish, Miguel who carried Charles’ bag, and Miguel’s mother who squeezed fresh lemon juice for Charles.  Though he had us worried for a while, we knew he was feeling better when he declared that Liz needs to incorporate bridge workouts in future team preparations.

That was not our only exciting event of the day.  In the afternoon visits, one of the teams visited an elderly woman, Rosalina, whose questions about Jesus prompted Pablo, one of our interpreters, to present the gospel to her.  She told the team that what she had heard was better than anything her priest had told her, and she wanted to pray to receive Jesus as her Savior.  The team members who were there were so overcome by the presence of the Holy Spirit, that they knew without at doubt that God had divinely orchestrated that moment.

Great things are happening here in Guatemala, and we depend on your prayers.  We ask that you continue to lift us up as we strive to complete the work God has for us here.  How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” (Isaiah 52:7)




Guatemala April 2014 Day 2

Guatemala April 2014 Day 2

Wow! What a great day we’ve had! This morning we left the Arkansas House and made the three hour journey to the village of Chanco. On the way we got to know each other more deeply by telling our testimonies. It was a very special time of bonding. We also stopped and had lunch at a mall in Chiquimula. The scenery on the way to the village was absolutely beautiful, though the drive was a little frightening because of the cliffs and drop offs! Once we were in the village, David (the missionary here) had us come out of the vans and he talked to us about the importance of prayer walking. Prayer walking is a way to prepare for the spiritual battle that is in Chanco. David led us through the village, and as we were walking up and down the mountain, we prayed for every person we saw, every house we passed, and for our boldness in bringing the gospel. We stopped to visit a group of Chorti people at a local cantina. We were able to tell them about our upcoming health clinics, and we were amazed at their hospitality when they cut a fresh watermelon and shared it with us. We asked the hostess if she got the watermelon from her garden, and when she told us she had to make an hour trip to the market to buy it, we were astounded and humbled by her kindness. We saw the evidence of God paving the way for us to build relationships. After our time in Chanco, we made our way to Hotel Ramirez in Jocotan where we enjoyed a delicious dinner. Then we had a time of devotion and a sweet time of worship. Please continue to pray that God will speak through us and that lives can be changed.

April Guatemala: We Have Arrived!!

Guatemala April 2014 Day 1
We have arrived!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!! We have already accomplished so much this first day all to the glory of the Lord! We arrived in Guatemala without any incidences (no luggage was lost, no one was late, etc.), and we were able to walk right through immigration and customs into Guatemala City! If y’all think Americans are scary drivers…come to Guatemala ;)! We have an amazing driver named Tony who doesn’t speak any English, but has an amazing heart for the Lord and was able to keep us safe on those hectic roads in the city. David and Glynis (the missionaries located here in Guatemala) met us at the airport and took us to lunch before going to the Arkansas House (the house in Guatemala City where we will be staying until we make our three hour drive to Chanco). Once at the house, our team was able to relax and start bonding. The women on our team learned the “cup song” and were able to match the beat with a Spanish, children’s worship song that we will be able to teach to the children of Chanco. We were also blessed enough to experience how a day to day Guatemalan shops! Glynis took us to the local market where the locals can buy produce, toiletries, tires, mattresses, and secured cheese and chocolate. Yes the cheese and chocolate were locked up! You can see the priorities of the locals and we think that they have it right! Also, inside the market there was an ice cream shop. Most of us decided to try different flavors and expand our horizon, but God was also working. The worker at the ice cream shop was actually at the checkout wanting to buy a few little things, but when she saw us at the counter she left her purchases and came to help us. Glynis saw the young woman leave and took it upon herself to pay for the woman’s groceries. When Glynis came up to the counter with the young woman’s groceries the smile on her face was radiant. The young woman tried to pay Glynis back, but Glynis wouldn’t have it. This is an example of how we can bless others and still show God’s love on a day to day basis. We are encouraged by Glynis’ example of being a light to the Guatemalans, and are excited for tomorrow where we will be in Chanco continuing the work of spreading God’s love to the Ch’orti. Thank you all for your prayers! We will update as soon as we can on the work that is being done for God’s kingdom here in Guatemala!
Peace and Blessings!
Jessica and ErinGuatemala Team April 2014

Guatemala July 29

Today was an amazing day!

Today we started our door to door evangelism, and although my team only visited two houses, it was great! First we visited a woman named Florenda, her and her husband are believers and we enjoyed sharing with them and praying for them. We also talked to a man named Ronnie and his wife, Berta. One of our team members, Logan, got to share his testimony with Ronnie, and Paul followed with a tract which contained to gospel of John. Although Ronnie did not except Jesus as his Lord and Savior today, he was very receptive and told to come back to visit again. It was really awesome to get to know some of the people better

We also started our VBS for the children today! Heather taught about Daniel and the lions den and introduced Jesus (we will be teaching more stories of Jesus later on this week). The children really seemed to understand everything we told them and seemed eager to hear more. Overall it was a great first day!

Tonight we only showed the first half of the Jesus Film, and the people were very attentive as it played. We really felt Christ moving through the film tonight, and hope that he will continue to move through the films we play each night.

Thank you for all your l

Guatemala Team 2011

Our Guatemala Team will be flying out this Friday, July 15th. They will spend 8 days in Guatemala working with our partners. In the morning they will be sharing the story of Jesus and their personal stories of life-change with a village. In the afternoon they will be holding a VBS for kids. There will be between 100-200 kids who will attend the VBS. Pray for the team as they “GO!”

The team will try to update the blog as much as possible so you can follow their journey!