Our Last Sunday in the Field

To follow Erik’s example, today is the last Sunday we will spend in the field. Everyday we grow one step closer to seeing our family and friends in the United States but one step further away from the family we have found here. It is bitter sweet, but we take heart in knowing that teams will return to love and share with our new family, that when we leave we will not be the last.

In Chanco today we accomplished quite a bit. Ben and Miguel went gallivanting around and mapped all but five houses, names of people included. The rest of us washed off the porch we have been using and prayer walked focusing on places that are often used around the village such as the Catholic Church, school, preschool, and the Community Center. Then we returned for our faithful lunch of PB&J sandwiches! Children began to show up and we began to play. The story we told the children today was “He is Here;” the story of Jesus’ birth. The kids are really loving these stories and actually want us to tell more. Today, only a few kids came so we were able to give each family one book! It was really awesome and I cannot wait to see how God uses these children and their love of God’s story to change the village. Please be praying for these children! (Names include: Marta, Anivel, William, Terry, Gabby, & Darlene)

Also, please be praying for Hugo. He is part of the family who owns this hotel and he has been so great to us, often surprising us with ice cream or other special treats. Hugo is also a great cook and uses all his resources to make sure we are all happy. Needless to say he goes above and beyond all that is asked or required of him. We want him to know Jesus though! We have given him a Spanish bible and worked very hard and our relationship with him, with every day the ground becomes more and more fertile. Please pray that the Lord would present the circumstances that would allow us to share the Gospel with him and that his heart would be prepared ahead of time. Ask God to please reveal himself to Hugo!

We go to Nearar tomorrow and it will be our last day there for the whole trip. Pray that our time would be well used and well managed. Ask that the people would welcome us and have open ears and eyes.

Thank you for your fervent prayers!


3 thoughts on “Our Last Sunday in the Field

  1. Praying for God to do a mighty work in you and the people you are ministering to. Praying for the seeds that have been planted tol germinate and grow into a great harvest of souls in Nearar and Chanco as well at Hotel Rameriz! Gp with God as you finish up your week.

  2. Praying!! So proud of you, team! I’m anxious to hear your stories in person. Do y’all have a picture of the kiddos? Praying for endurance and for you all to finish well!

  3. We prayed for Hugo in staff meeting yesterday. Cannot wait to hear details of your time there!

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