Today in Chancó…

[The ride was unexpectedly bumpy, it’s not something we would ever be used to. Once we got there it was crazy to see how they lived and what their houses were like… it’s so different. They’re so nice. They always said hello and they greet us so nicely and invited us into their homes and they don’t even know us.

Prayer walking was really special because we got to see all the beauty of His creation and I really just praised Him for letting me come on the trip. Getting to meet the people and seeing all their hospitality… how willing they were to let us help even though they hadn’t met us before. It’s just really different from our culture.

Making tortillas was interesting, it was fun but harder than it looks! ]

[We went to a house and only a little 10 year old boy was home; his family was out for the day. We were talking to him about church and he said he went to church but he had never heard of Jesus before. We explained the story of how Jesus died on the cross and he said he had never heard that story. We were able to read from the bible to him, and we shared stories like how Jesus fed the 5000 and calmed the storm.

Later, we prayed for a lady at the village well. She was washing her family’s clothes and she told us it would take her two hours to wash them all. We talked to her a while and asked her what she thought would get you in to heaven. She said doing more good than bad. We were able to share verses in Ephesians 2 with her, and we prayed with her. While we were praying someone was yelling her name, which we thought was just to get her attention. But when we looked up, there were cows running toward the well! Her friend was trying to warn her. They were coming right at us! It was very funny!]



[What stood out to me most was the generosity of the people and the sense of community in the village. There’s a feeling of family and everyone looks out for each other.]

Our Team in Chancó!

2 thoughts on “Today in Chancó…

  1. The roads to the villages are crazy bumpy but they have to walk those roads daily in shoes that aren’t so great!!! Glad you guys are having great time sharing Jesus to everyone you meet. The cows sounded like they were in charge!
    Praying for you guys daily!!
    P.S. Hi Hills 🙂

  2. Being in Chonco is an honor and it is wonderful. I pray that The Lord will use all of you in a mighty way, and that He will use this trip in each of your lives too.

    Blessings as you serve HIM~~~~

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