College India Team: we’re in S!

We got to S city three or four days ago. This city is BEAUTIFUL and the mountains themselves sing praise and shout glory to God. Every mountain is named after a Hindu god. We are constantly praying that the glory would be given to the one true God, and that the people here would know their Creator. We will be here until around Sunday, and then we will leave for another city farther north.

We have been meeting with several different nationals and visiting villages to encourage believers. It is so encouraging to see the heart for Jesus here. There are so many women who are eager to learn stories from God’s word.

While still in D, we met with some girls who taught us how to tell stories from the Word in simple, memorable ways, and how to incorporate henna into this learning process. The women here love henna and it is a fantastic way to reach the culture. We have been to two different villages where we were able to meet with women from the church MP has been growing. We taught them the story of the bleeding woman (Matthew 9) and the symbols in the henna to help them remember the story so they can continue to share. Many of these girls are new believers (ranging from 3 months to 2 weeks), and it is so encouraging to see their hearts for Jesus. This has been a confirmation of the call we have felt, and we are so thankful we have been able to be used in this way.

While visiting these villages is encouraging, they are often very far and the hikes are long. Pray that each day we will be renewed and have energy for the next.

Pray for the ministries the nationals are building here. Pray for the nationals and their families, that they would be protected from the enemy and that their children would continue to pursue the Lord.

Praise the Lord for the team unity we have been experiencing! Pray that we would continue to be united.

Jai Masih Ki!

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