Risk-Taking and Lion-Chasing

Good morning from Guatemala City! It’s nearly 8:00 as I type and we’re waiting for the van to pick us up and take us to Chanco (with a slight detour to McDonalds!). If all goes well, we’ll spend the afternoon prayer walking and taking in the beauty of the village.

As the blog title implies, we’ve been talking a lot about finding freedom in Christ and the boldness that gives us. Through our evening and morning devotions, David and Larry encouraged us to follow the Lord’s leading and to find strength in His promises. Pray with us that we will be bold, that we will find favor in Chanco, and that the Lord will guide our steps there this week.


4 thoughts on “Risk-Taking and Lion-Chasing

  1. Read this update to Kids Village during Sunday Morning large group and we prayed for y’all! I gave the kids each a teeny tiny little doll from Guat to remember to pray for y’all as well! Love & blessings!

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