Moments Captured

Hi Church!

The days here are long and full and yet, they have gone by so quickly! The shorter team is just about home and the longer team heads back in a couple days. We thought you all might enjoy some photos from the past week… We’ll try to most some more tomorrow!

*Prayer Request: Tomorrow will be a day of very intentional EV. Please pray for Matt, Liz, myself (Marylou), D, A, and Brother E, as we will go out two by two to share with the people of this city. Pray that we would be led to people of peace and that we would share the Gospel clearly!


Leading out of Kalkaji Temple
Leading into Kalkaji Temple; one of the storefronts
A very joyful woman
This is the young man Susan wrote about in her blog; such a heart-warming moment to see him receive his certificate!


Pastor E during the training


Night time fog


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