Made it Safely!

Hey prayer partners!! We made it to Guatemala City safely and thankfully all of our medical supplies made it through customs! After leaving the airport we stopped off at Burger King for lunch and then headed to the Arkansas House. There we met up with our missionary partners and they took us through a quick training/debriefing. It has already been such a blessing to work with these missionaries. They deeply love Jesus and the people here.

They shared with us that they are hoping to develop partnerships with churches state-side that can be apart of working specifically with UPG’s (Unreached People Groups). They explained that this partnership would mean coming alongside a Guatemalan church to share Jesus among the Chorti people, one of the UPG’s here in Guatemala. This would involve sending smaller teams of 4-5 every few months to maintain an ongoing partnership with the Guatemalan church and the UPG. Please pray with us as we consider this commitment to a UPG as a church family.

Also, please pray for our travel tomorrow. We’ll be leaving early in the morning and making the 5 hour drive to our hotel in Chiquimula. From there, we’ll check into the hotel and then head out to provide a clinic for the Chorti in the afternoon.

As we provide medical care pray we would remember that the spiritual needs of the Chorti people are far more serious than their medical needs.

Please also remember to pray for the Guatemalan church that we’re partnering with. Pray for their pastor, Victoriano, and his wife Kristy. Pray we’d be an encouragement to them!

Thank you for fervently praying for us and for God’s glory to be made known among the people here. He is GOOD!

4 thoughts on “Made it Safely!

  1. We are certainly praying for all of you. I am glad to know that you made it safe and sound.
    Thank you all for serving the Lord in such a giving way.
    Love to all,
    Linda and Pete

  2. Yeah! It is great news to hear that you have made it and are on the mission. Praying for you and your team’s safety. May the Lord move in a big way while you are there!

    Thinking of you, Dad!

    Sincerely, Jeannie (Irby)

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