Healthy Disciples Go


Happy Easter!

While this week I have tried to prepare my heart for such a magnificent holiday as we remember that our Lord has risen from the grave, my mind has wandered to all the details of our trip to India. Even tonight I feel as if I am not yet prepared to go. God has been humbling me these past nine or so months to remind me that we don’t do good things for God so that he would love us, but rather that we do these things because he has loved us. Even as I write tonight my heart has been troubled I have felt very inadequate to teach, to get all the things I need to pack, and to be aware of God’s moving. But let us not forget that our Lord did not come to us while we were bringing him good gifts, he came to us while were yet sinners and died for us.

While I urge you to pray for me, and my confidence in God, I urge you to begin to think on Easter.  If God did raise from the dead, and if the scriptures are true that the same power that rose him from the dead lives in us, Why do we not live in Joy? Well maybe you are like me, you forget. The world pushes its demands and your job becomes a little more tiring and you forget to rest in him. I am so thankful for the team that I am going with as Shelby is like my sister and I know that she prays for my witnessing; Joey is like my brother always urging me on to know God; but lastly Sam and Liz have been like spiritual parents to me keeping me in the love of God, warning me, encouraging me and spurring me on to confidence in God working in me that which is pleasing to him.

While I am not the best public speaker and I fail often, I have been entrusted with the gospel.  To share of how God has used discipleship in my life that I can trust God when I feel hopeless, and I can share the gospel with others that they may know God, and then that I may make disciples of those in Christ. As I’ve shared personally of how God reminds me of the gospel in these relationships, I thank you that many of you have begun to pray for the work in India we go to do. We will be sharing the characteristics of a healthy disciple with nearly 300 national believers in India. Expounding upon our relationship with the Father through daily bible reading and prayer, being discipled and making a disciple, and sharing the gospel with the lost.

We leave on May 1st for India to work alongside our partner E and will be going to many stations in the country. We will also spend a brief time with our partners D and A and their new child.  As we go we desire that our church would be an example of a discipleship based church.

So I dare to ask you, who is in your life that is close to you, but far from God? And who is in your life that is faithful, available, and teachable that knows Christ? Will you share the gospel? Will you intentionally disciple someone? We go to India to continue what God has us doing here in Mt. Pleasant thanks to your support and your prayers.  

Thank you for all you have done in my life, we crave your prayers.

Logan Todd   

Here are some ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray that God will open doors for the gospel and give us words to speak.
  • Pray that God will keep our flights from being canceled or will guide us in his direction.
  • Pray for all of our interactions in travel, by plane or rickshaw that we may be faithful to share the gospel with any who will listen.
  • Pray for our teaching that it will be clear and understandable and that God will awaken desire for obedience to his word to make disciples.
  • Pray for D and A as they travel to see us.
  • Pray for E as he faithfully preaches to those in Northern India.

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